About Us

ROBOTMASTER OÜ was established in 2020. Our main focus is to make the lives of our customers more comfortable by offering smart appliances.

How it all started…

It was a normal Sunday morning when a friend and I had a refreshing coffee.
While we were brewing fresh coffee, we were having an conversation about tedious chores at home. We joked that maybe we should get a housekeeper, it would be a little easier, but it would be quite expensive on a daily basis.

We decided to try the smart move and get robot vacuum cleaner instead of housekeeper. So, there we were – ordered first robotic vacuum cleaner we found.

Testing started and it should be mentioned here that the purchases turned out to be much better than we had hoped at first. Belief in robots arose immediately after the first round of cleaning, and now this is where we want you to believe us too. We can say that the floors have never been so clean and now we have the bonus of more time for cleaning for our own family.

When doing research about robot vacuum cleaners and asking from friends and family members we found that there was much interest in robotic vacuum cleaners.  Obviously we then an idea that we should start our own business and start selling smart housekeepers at affordable prices. Being young and business-minded, we first contacted main players in the market and figured out proper supply chain from factory to consumer. And now here we are – robotimaailm is best and most competitive store for buying Mamibot robot vacuum cleaners and other accessories.

Maintenance kit for Mamibot EXVAC and Tesvor robot vacuum cleaners
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