Is your Mamibot broken or doesn’t work as it should? Contact us about your problem and we will find solutions and fix it!

We perform both maintenance and repair work on the following models:

  • Mamibot robotic vacuum cleaners
  • Mamibot window cleaning robot W120-T
  • Tesvor
  • Neatsvor

A robotic vacuum cleaner is like a coffee machine that needs to be properly maintained to last for years or even 10 years in the hands of a good user. The robot has external filters that can be easily cleaned by the user, but inside the robot there is also a filter in the air outlet where a dust layer may become even 3-4 cm thick over time, which needs to be cleaned. When the filter starts to run around, the suction power drops sharply.

Our maintenance includes:

  • 1x main brush
  • 2x side brush
  • Hepa filters
  • Cleaning and lubrication of moving parts
  • External washing of the dust tank / robot
  • Cleaning the internal filter

How to deliver the device to us?

Send robot vacuum cleaner to us preferably in original packaging via Smartpost or DPD parcel service or courier. We’ll perform maintenance and return device to customer. Maintenance is done usually on same working day Mamibot is received. Residents of Harju County can conveniently give us the device hand in hand.

You can conveniently book maintenance and repairs by sending us an email to

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