Mamibot iGLASSBOT W120-T window cleaning robot

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The Mamibot iGLASSBOT W120-T offers you a new way of window cleaning.

The Mamibot iGLASSBOT W120-T is a glass cleaning robot for framed and frameless glass surfaces. Reliably, it cleans windows, glass doors, glass tables, smooth floors/walls and the like. The iGLASSBOT W120-T is comfortably controlled with a remote control or a smartphone app. With a safety rope and an emergency battery, the operation of the window robot is particularly safe!

Aku14.8 V / 650 mAh
Heli65 dB
Tooaeg60 min
JuhitavusRemote control and app


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Operation on framed and frameless glass surfaces possible

The window cleaning robot can be operated on glass surfaces with frames and without frames. On frameless surfaces, the robot detects the end of the surface with its in-built sensors so that it doesn’t drop.

  • Minimum window size: 1 x 1 m
    Maximum window size: 4 x 4 m

Please do not operate the glass cleaning robot overhead (e.g. in conservatories).

Suitable for different surfaces

The Mamibot iGLASSBOT can be operated on different types of surfaces: It can, for example, be used to clean windows, glass doors or glass tables. The glass cleaning robot is even suitable for smooth floor/wall surfaces.

You don’t have to consider the glass thickness with the iGLASSBOT W120-T. This is because it is also suitable for multiple-glazed windows.

Reusable cleaning cloth included

The window cleaning robot uses a large and high-quality cleaning cloth. You can put it into the washing machine and therefore reuse it for a long time.

Smart navigation thanks to artificial intelligence (AI)

The window cleaning robot is equipped with artificial intelligence (AI). This technology allows the Mamibot iGLASSBOT to calculate the whole size of the window and to be able to select the most efficient cleaning route. This is why the robot is particularly fast: It only takes 2,5 minutes to clean one square meter.

Maximum safety during the cleaning

The Mamibot iGLASSBOT W120-T is equipped with an emergency-battery so that it won’t drop in case of an electricity cut. This emergency-battery has to be charged before the usage. It keeps the robot on the glass for about 20 minutes in case of an emergency. A safety rope particularly ensures safe operation in higher floors.

The Mamibot iGLASSBOT W120-T is suitable for:

  • Different types of surfaces, such as windows, glass doors, glass tables or smooth floors/walls
  • Framed and frameless glass surfaces
  • Hard-to-reach glass surfaces
  • Glass surfaces with a maximum size of 7 x 7 m and minimum size of 40 x 40 cm

Included in package:

  • 1 x adapter
  • 1 x adapter
  • 1 x power cord
  • 1 x extension cord
  • 2 x microfiber cloth
  • 2 x cleaning cloth
  • 1 x remote control
  • 1 x safety rope
  • User manual (can be downloaded after purchase)


  • Weight: 2 kg
  • Dimensions: 25 × 25 × 8,5 cm
  • Glass thickness: unlimited
  • Suitable for: framed and frameless vertical glass surfaces
  • App controlld: yes
  • Remote control: yes
  • Cleaning mode: N-Mode, Z-Mode, Z/N- Mode
  • Navigation: automatic
  • Battery: UPS for power loss up to 20 minutes
  • Noise level: 65 dB


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